We go everywhere while we are wearing crystal everyday. Crystal is not a human being who could analysis the magnetic field which could be absorb or not.

Crystal’s energy is always changing along with the surrounding environment. Because your given power will be always affected by other subjects and environment. The crystal is not like the fresh crystal anymore.

Crystal is Mineral crystals with magnetic field.
Human is a Magnetic creature.
When crystal and human are together, their magnetic fields will be affecting with each other.

That’s why some people are terribly upset when wearing the crystal. That is because of the messy magnetic field of the crystal. Its frequency is not same as yours anymore.

And that’s why Degaussing is needed to format the crystal for making it functioning with you.

In other words, crystal is similar as clothes, they need to be cleaned after wearing for a long period.
So, periodically degaussing is needed.
Usually, one degaussing could be lasting for 1 ~ 3 months.


The crystal will absorb the negative energy you release. When a certain amount of negative energy is stored, the crystal will become dim and turbid.

Purifying the crystal on a regular basis can eliminate the negative energy stored in the crystal, and maintain the effect and energy of the crystal, and it can also make the crystal more and more transparent and beautiful.


Charging is a very important process which can make the crystal have a stronger effect.
The best thing we give to the crystal should be positive and good information, so that the crystal can help expanding the energy field of the information, transmit such information to the universe, combine the unknown forces of the universe, and help us achieve our wishes.


You may hear the saying of “Naturing crystals,” and many people will say: “The more you wear crystals, the more beautiful they are!”

The main reason why crystals become more beautiful when worn is “good magnetic environment makes it more and more happier.” That’s why it is said to demagnetize regularly and keep your own magnetic field stable. The more stable your magnetic field is, the more beautiful the crystal will be. In contrast, your magnetic field is always negative, and the crystal will look gray and dull.

It is a good thing that the crystal can be worn more and more beautifully! The more beautiful the crystal, the more beautiful the magnetic field, and the more positive energy you can use to wear it!